Inch Abbey

St Patrick’s Country, One day coach tour


7 hours

Tour Type

Walking tour

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Maximum of 15


Travel on the oldest pilgrim route in Ireland as you follow in the footsteps of St Patrick and hear the authentic story of this iconic saint. St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and a global icon. He died on the 17thMarch and on this date every year, St Patrick’s day is celebrated with festivals across the world. There are many myths and legends associated with St Patrick and on this tour you will learn about the real St Patrick, what kind of person was he? why did he become the world’s most celebrated saint?

After morning tea/coffee you will travel out and around County Down visiting the sites associated with the saint including Saul Church, St Patrick’s Wells (Struell Wells); Down Cathedral and his grave. Learn about other Celtic saints associated with St Patrick such as St Brigid who is a revered saint in Ireland and is believed to be buried in the same grave as St Patrick. St Brigid is associated with the St Brigid’s Cross and you will learn about the tradition of making the cross and its significance.  You will enjoy lunch in Downpatrick. You will visit the St Patrick’s Centre and Down County museum which have exhibitions on St Patrick and Christianity. Inch Abbey is located a short distance from Downpatrick and is a former Cistercian abbey established by John de Courcy.

Highlights of this tour

  • Saul Church – first church established by St Patrick
  • St Patrick’s Wells (Struell)
  • St Patrick Grave
  • Down Cathedral
  • St Patrick’s Centre
  • Down County Museum
  • Inch Abbey

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