We would like a bespoke tour. Is this possible?

Yes, just complete the online enquiry form, email us or telephone us to discuss your requirements and we will design a customised tour to match your interests and needs.

We have our own transport for a vehicle tour. Can we travel around using it?

Yes, I can be a step-on guide for your tour and this may be a cheaper option.

Can you design a tour for special interest groups such as University of the Third Age, Christian heritage, school groups or Archaeology groups.

Yes. I have experience of designing and delivering tours for students from Queen’s university, Belfast. The area is of international importance for research on innovative renewable energy projects; Strangford Lough is a marine nature reserve; Castle Espie is a land based nature reserve.

The ancient eastern coastal area of County Down is a treasure trove of archaeological sites and is renowned as the ‘Cradle of Christianity’. There are many options to choose from.

What is the smallest group size tours operate for?

We specialize in small group tours and are happy to offer guided tours to 2 or more people.

Are tours offered throughout the year?

Yes, there are tours available every month.

How do I get to the starting point for a walk?

You can travel by car and park at/near the starting point. If you are travelling by public transport we can advise on the best way of getting to the start of your walk.

How fit do I need to be to do a walk?

The walks are easy as they are largely over flat surfaces and do not require any particular fitness level. Distances covered are relatively short(less than 1 mile) and the duration of a walk is not more than 2 hours. We walk at the pace of the slowest person.

I would like to do a longer walk, is this possible?

Yes, of course. If you describe what you want on our enquiry form we can design a bespoke walk which matches your needs and interests

What do I need to bring on a walk?

Bring water, sun protection, sunglasses, rainwear, sturdy walking shoes with a firm grip, reading glasses (if used), warm clothing and binoculars.

Are dogs permitted on walks?


Do I need to pre-book coach tours and walks?

Yes, pre-booking is essential

How do I book?

There are two easy ways to book: online or by phone.

How do I book using a gift voucher?

You can book online using the code that is on your voucher or you can contact us by telephone to process your payment.

I have booked a tour and cannot now participate in the tour. Can I get a refund?

We will try to offer you an alternative date or option or you can transfer your booking to be used by someone else.

Do I need to have travel insurance?

You should ensure you have adequate travel insurance for your holiday.