St Brigid's Cross

Legacy of Saint Brigid


2.5 hours

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Immersive experience, presentation & exhibition

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Maximum group size – 20

Brigid Watson is a local expert tour guide and environmentalist with a passion for Christian heritage and the fascinating life stories of people. In the ancient town of Downpatrick, home to the burial place of Saint Brigid at Down Cathedral, Brigid shares the story of the fascinating life of this Irish woman who is revered across Ireland and beyond. On arrival in the Saint Patrick Centre you will be offered light refreshments. You will have an opportunity to explore an excellent display about Saint Brigid, the Goddess Brigid and the ancient traditions associated with Saint Brigid.

Brigid shares many stories about Saint Brigid, born in the 5th century, signifying her kindness and empathy for the marginalised. One of the ancient traditions still widely practised in Ireland today is the making of the Saint Brigid’s Cross. Brigid gives a demonstration of how to make a Saint Brigid’s Cross and explains the beliefs that people hold about the cross. Everyone is then invited to make their own cross using the materials provided. Other customs associated with Saint Brigid are shared.

Legacy of Saint Brigid Experience on offer throughout the year for groups by arrangement.


Light refreshments: tea/coffee served with oatcakes and pancakes, butter, local honey and Saint Brigid speciality cheese;

Audio-visual show about Saint Patrick who personally knew Saint Brigid.

Momento of the experience: A Saint Brigid card designed by Brigid Watson

What clients said

“Brigid shared her own personal story of making the St Brigid Cross throughout her childhood years and this together with other stories she shared really added to the experience. Also enjoyed the excellent display.”

– Julie

“This has been a lovely afternoon- informative, relaxed, friendly and fun. Wonderful to learn an old tradition and I will try to keep it up! Most inspiring, thank you.”

– Janet, Comber

“Excellent, relaxed and very informative. Thank you kindly.”

– Kathy, Portaferry

Experience highlights

  • Refreshments | tea or coffee | pancakes or oatcakes, butter, honey and Saint Brigid speciality cheese
  • Demonstration | Brigid Watson shows how the cross is made from rushes gathered from her farm.
  • Craft | create your own local version of the Saint Brigid’s Cross to take home with you
  • Saint Brigid | hear fascinating stories of the life of one of Ireland’s most revered saints | visit her grave
  • Down Cathedral | on Cathedral Hill overlooking the ancient town of Downpatrick | burial site of Saint Brigid
  • Exhibition Display of different styles of handmade crosses; information display on Brigid, Goddess and Saint
  • Saint Patrick Centre| Audio-visual show about Saint Patrick who had links to Saint Brigid

Legacy of Saint Brigid


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